Muchilon, App Design:

Muchilon is a Spanish- Hebrew dictionary app, made for travellers to Argentina.
While working on the UX of this app, I relied on new research findings showing our brain learns words faster
when it sees a visual image and hears a loud spoken expression of the new word it learns.
This information led me to design the entire dictionary as a visual collection of pictures from which the words will be learned.

The app is made of postcards, brought from Argentina’s most popular tourist sites.
All of the elements in the postcards are clickable, and once they were clicked,
they show a bubble with the element’s name, written and spoken out loud by a narrator.


While designing the concept, I tried my best to bring the authentic environment of Buenos Aires, to the app’s screens.
The colors are dirty, like the streets, and the papers are old, like the buildings.
The icons I draw are not symmetric, but are old, warm and happy,
My intention was to convey the live spirit of both Argentina and the Latin people.