Rishumit, Progarm Design:

A real estate lawyers’ office came to me complaining of having too much paper- work.
They wanted to transform all of their paper work into a new web – program
that will handle and organize all of their office work.

Rishumit, the program I have designed for them, is made out of 90 screens, including all of the categories
and subjects they are dealing with, and allowing a separate space for each of their customers, in the program.


While designing the program, it was very important for to me to design the screen with a look and feel
that will give its users a calm and comfortable feeling, due to the fact they sit hours in front of it, complete days.

The above led me to choose the specific color scale of blue, which remind sky and air.
The background color that was chosen for the program is off white which is warm and gives a feeling of home,
and makes the user want to stay in front of the program for a long time.


Due to the fact that this program includes a large amount of detail, it was important to give it a simple UX,
clean and well organized. That led me to split the content into three parts working together.

Consequently, only when you enter the inner part of the program,
you will find that an inner sub-menu and a new section are available,
In order to make the UI as clear as possible, I used an icon font and added an icon to many functions.

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