My name is Miri Weinberger. I am a media designer, dealing mostly with UX UI.
I realized that there is a great challenge in creating correctly organized mock-ups,
which I believe are the main base of each product.
My greatest love, and my principal hobby, is art,
and my design process gives me a platform to insert colors,
a fresh and modern look and feel to each product I am dealing with.
After the first step of creating the UX,
I enjoy filling it with the right UI – colors and concepts
that will provide the correct impression to the user.
My tools are design programs such as Photoshop, illustrator, Sketch and other relevant software,
together with wireframe programs such as JustInMind, Mockflow, Invision, Axure and more.
The combination of those tools together with my way of seeing each product’s needs,
brings me to create a complete package- product,
from the initial idea up to the implementation of new fresh technologies.

I would love to hear from you.

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