Wireframing the application of Ampa Ltd was a complicated mission. It required a brain storming process,
in order to find the very best and modern design solutions,
that will fit both iOS & Android devices, and will provide the best user experience.

Some of the process that is made by the app, required the combination of a few actions that are done at the same time.
As a designer, following iOS and Android’s guidelines, allowed me to design fields that gather a few actions to the same spot of the screen-
while behind the scene it took action at a few different zones of the app.

Eventually, the solutions we came up with, saved the user time and clicks,
and by that- brang the best user experience as possible.

Design Perspective

At this app, many screens show a lot of text and details. This challenged me as a designer-
for it has not only needed typography design, but also had to bring togehter all data at the same time, to the same screen.

Allowing the user to notice and understand the most important details as quick as possible,
together with the will to keep the screen clean and yet- filled with a lot of text,
made me & the design team choose to use icons, play with font weights, & change the font colors to reflect a different status of elements.

Following iOS & Android’s Behavior