Project Background

The main goal of this project was to transform the reponsibilty of the Epidemiological investigations
from the goverment- to the individual citizen, helping the system take care of the burden.
Working on the Epidemiological investigations has been a common project made by a combination of professional teams of the Dev world.
We have been working in urgent terms, 50 Tech people on board, among with seniors in the Epidemiological department at the Ministry of Health.
We worked in a matrix method, due to the urgent need to supply solutions to the heavy and massive work in the investigations department at the Ministry of Health,
while the number of sick has been dynamically growing unfortunatley.
In this project I have headed as a User Researcher, UX Designer and an Art Director, leading great designers on the UI part.
Unfortunatley, on the day the product should have been out to the market,
the goverment has transformed the responsibility of the investigations from the Ministry of Health into the
hands of the National Emergency Portal (Pikud Haoref), a desicion that cost the product’s exposure and took him off the market.

Working Progress, Challenges & Solutions

As a first step, as a part of the UX Research, I travelled to make an observation over the nurses making the investigation at Tel Aviv.
I noticed the problems occurring meanwhile they made the investigations through phone calls. I asked questions & came back with ideas for solutions.
Then, while creating the UX, I decided to creat a horizontal Wizard deviding the questioning progress into four parts
reflecting the familiar Covid 19 investigation. In order to give a friendly User Experience,
I gave an icon, a symbol that will be recognized with the location where the person could have gotten infected,
trying my best, among with the designer I lead, to simplify the process and encourage cooperation.
The graphic language tracks the branding of the Ministry of Health, while trying to keep both a clean and formal concept, yet friendly.