Expressing Your Imagination with AI

With AI tools, the visions you have in mind can be expressed and outpulled.
Using Midjourney, I created a serie of frames, speaking the same graphic language.
I repeated the concept in the prompt consistently: “Water color on paper sketch”.
As the first step, I had a story to tell. Then I created all the frames,
making sure the face expressions and the body positions reflect the story I had in mind.
Some of the frames had to be done again and again until I was satisfied.
Since the animation clip tells a story of the War of October 7th, “Charavot Barzel”,
I chose a concept that gives the association of a historical, Israeli literture craft book, painted in smoky warm colors,
in order to give an Israeli feeling to the frames.

Creating the Animation

After having all the frames of the storyboard, I started to creat the animation with Runway,
an AI Animation Tool. I tried my best making the movements human, expressing 3D leanings, risings,
hugs and more emotions that can be expressed bu those movements.
When synchronizing the animation to the soundtrack, I tried to make the rythm of the motion go together with the song’s calm beat.