Goals & Requirements

The new website of the Ministry of Health is meant to be Tailored to target audiences,
knowing the website suggests a very large amount of content.
I was instructed to design a website that will lead each user to a root of the site that will suggest customized content,
be visualy strong, and upgrade the existing branding.
In this Project I made the UX, designed the large landing banners, and lead great designers
as Art Director on the UI part, while creating together the new design kit of the office.
I have also been the system analyst, transfering the design into code instructuions
working togehther with the back and front devs.

Design Highlights

In order to give a very friendly user experience to the user and call him to action,
incourage him to read, and make the UX light and easy, I decided to give a feeling of a slick application to the website.
It went along with the managment desicion to bring only a taste of the aritcles here,
while the rest and the most of the content will be devided and extended to external websites.
We gave this webiste the Glassmorphism effect, bluring the original banner that lead to the article the user is now reading.
We used Paralax effect. We created a new kit of 3d Icons. The web design brings the most modern trends of design,
inspired by the worlds biggest and most popular visual social websites, such as Facebook.