Roles & Goals

Segops is a web – based program, dealing with cost segregation, made for a few types of users.
My role in the company was to establish the UX UI department, design the brand, conecpt and grpahic language
and obviously- re-design the UX & UI of the program.
The front sits on MUI features, a challenge I handeld while designing.
I created and designed a design kit for the program, and worked with programmers to built a library
that customizes the CSS of MUI features aspecially to the language I created for the program.

Design & UX Desicions

Due to the fact this program includes a large amount of content, I descided to create a dashboard that
will bring the summarize of each user’s relevant information to his homepage.
One of the challenges I confronted while designing the UX was that the program includes variuos navigations.
I decided to export them, show them with visual separation,
to shorten and brighten the way it takes the user to locate the function he seeks for.
I devided the UX to show three levels of hirarchy.
Design wise, I wanted to make the program and the user experience a little more life-full.
I used Glassmorphism, created 3d colorful Icons, and used Paralax effect.
The program helps tracking Tax subjects about purchases of Real estate, and for that reason-
includes many projects of different buildings within the system. In order to help the user locate easily
the building he wants to work on, I added visual indications to the different projects-
an identifying image of the building. I added a dynmic horizontal menu that transfers to a short menu when scrolling,
to save place of the screen and show as much of the main content at once.