Advanced Technologies

The system of Tipat Halav (Family Care Center) is meant for finding and schedueling an appointment
at the closest Tipat Halav center to the place you stay.
In this project I leaded great designers as an Art Director at the UI part,
and made the UX myself. the project was made with full coraporation with the Mother, Child
& Adolescent Department at the Ministry of Health as a part of my work there.
Due to the fact that there are a few stages of a child’s growth in which he should arrive to Tipat Halav,
& in order to give a worm, welcoming user experience to the mother visiting the site,
I have devided the landing page of the website to three horizontal stages, each reflecting the appointment relevant for the mother visiting the system,
giving her a shortcut on choosing the specific appointment she needs from the dropdown of appointment type.
We had this information about her because she had to login to in order to make an appointment.
This system has got the info required. UX solutions has been offered to cover any senario possible as well.
(Tracking cookies of the user’s online expereince and more)

Design Trends

On the UI part, I have instructed the great designer working with me to use the design trends from the time:
Background made of Glassmorphism, on top of it we located 3D Elements,
which were duplicated, enlarged and blured to be sitted between the Glassmorphism BG and the 3D elements in order to emphasize the 3D feeling.
In between those layers – we located rounded corner conntainers that included Blur values , that were made to hold the fluent texts.
We used widley spreaded colored shadows according to the design trends at the time.
In order to give a slik user experience of the dimensions we added animation when hovering the large 3d elements.