Leading Design Teams

The Nursing Administration website is a project in which I have headed as an Art Director, under the head of our UX UI department.
I have led great designers team on the UI side, meanwhile working on the UX myself.
This website is made of a responsive template we have created, that drilles down to the smallest design details,
in order to suplly design solutions for the Nursing Administration of Israel.
The project was created in full coraporation with the leading nurses of Israel,
as part of my position at the Minisry of Health of Israel.

Challenges & Design Solutions

Due to the fact that this website belongs to a national minestrial body, it must represent all societies in israel. Visually two.
We have made a special photoshooting in Tel Hashomer Hospital, made by Amit Erez,
& under the managment of the whole project made by Tamar Warshawsky Markin,
aspecially for this new website, while I was instructing the compositions, positions and subjects
that were required in order to reflect the websites needs, both on the content and the visual side.

This site refers to a few type of users: Nurses, Studens of Nursing, the Nursing Administraton, and more,
while for each of the user types the site suggests different content. After a long User research made by Ornit Goldberg Yadgar,
among with big User Research companies, we have devided the content into four main topics that consistently
maintain the feeling of a personalized comfortable website made for each of the users, under the headlines: Study, Work, Get Updated and Influence.
As a design desicion, I gave each of the sections an indicating color that makes it visually recognizable and easy to follow for the user his own root in the site.